Artistic direction Da Bang Raw by Peppers Comecerts Import Export CC07 13.04.2018

"Weißwurstfrühstück bei Oma" - what reads like a good recipe is the title of a report by Germany's largest daily newspaper on our concert series.

The title's aptness has its roots in alienation. Alienation is longing for connection. In essence an intermediate state, alienation solidifies. We do not like alienation and work hard to counter it.

The first thought might be assimilation. Chinese band - okay, we cook Chinese. Wrong. Who ever said we could cook Chinese. And even if, why should we. Since the beginning, we stubbornly resist assimilation. We cook Bavarian. Yes, it is not always easy. But hearty, and the reason why our grandmother Inge is the most famous of all of us in China.

Hospitality is authenticity.

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DA BANG · Present is the best present (最怕你问我明天)
Photo credits: © Adam Langer, Jonas Haesner