Artistic direction Carsick cars Indie Brave Young Years Garage Punk Comecerts Concert Series Südstadt Pub CC01 14.06.2015

Do we feel like organizing a concert for Carsick Cars? Spontaneously? In less than a month? We had never organized a concert before.

Spontaneity is a double-edged sword. That much is certain when the first rush of adrenaline and emotions passes. The venue is a small bar where concerts regularly take place acoustically and end at 10 pm. The police checks the tour van on the highway while the audience arrives. The promotion consists of a single poster. It is Sunday evening.

Our organization reads like a recipe for disaster. The list of people involved does not: Carsick Cars establish a whole generation of young Chinese bands with their energetic song "Zhong Nan Hai". Suza, the innkeeper, knows when it's worth opening. We have been friends for years. The local support gives the evening its name: Brave Young Years.

The floor sticks with sweat. A crowd fills the room. Carsick Cars start the second part of their set.

Spontaneity works with the right collaborators.
The right collaborators are those who share a common passion.

Photo credits: © Adam Langer