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About this website traces our collaborative and iterative approach to working together. It turns the time, effort and disciplines required to assemble a project into a tangible experience. In this sense, is an attempt of a more wholesome digital edifice. was collaboratively invented with and carefully built by the opinionated team at WAF GMBH, in Hamburg, Europe

We currently read

  1. Atypical Combinations and Scientific Impact by Uzzi et al.
  2. Almanach - Der Blaue Reiter (Original Reprint), Bilderatlas Mnemosyne
  3. Otto 958 Systems by Kiko Kostadinov
  4. Group Dynamics - Collectives of the Modernist Period at Lenbachhaus München;
  5. Facebook Is a Doomsday Machine by Adrienne LaFrance; Die Fiktion der Gemeinschaft by Juliane Spitta
  6. Efficacy of high-density versus semipermeable PTFE membranes in an elderly experimental model by Marouf and El-Guindi
  7. An Atlas of Commoning: Places of Collective Production published by Arch+
  8. Thing/Thought:Fluxus Editions 1962-1978 by Gretchen Wagner and Jon Hendricks
  9. by David Liebermann