Artistic direction Chui Wan Psychedelic Persona No-Fi Comecerts Concert Series Import Export Multicultural Venue CC03 22.04.2020

The first thing you notice when talking to Markus Acher, Aiko Okamoto, Costantin John and Chui Wan - that is Yan Yulong, Liu Xinyu, Wu Qiong and Li Zichao - is a great sense of unobtrusive quiet. The noisy media world makes it hard to believe they have been revolutionizing their genres, each in their own right.

Like a harvestman, Markus Acher has been spinning a net of incredible bands with the origin, The Notwist. Wherever Aiko Okamoto appears, good vibes reign. As the driving force behind community projects such as Mary Klein, Female:Pressure and Team Pommes, Aiko makes the world a more egalitarian place by wrapping her observation of everyday life in colorful music and visuals. Constantin John's stoic, complex rhythms fuel a variety of projects, including one of our all-time favorite albums, Disappearances.

Chui Wan rely on Daoist philosopher Zhuangzi's Qi Wu Lun (齐物论) to produce the amplified and distorted sounds that seemed closer to the frenetic destruction and construction of their hometown, Dalian, than the Western or Chinese classical music they have been taught.

Zhuangzi writes: "谓风吹万窍,发出各种音响" - "When the wind blows, every sound may be heard therein."

Radical experiments are unobtrustive.

Photo credits: © Neolyd