Howie Lee

China, Music
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NAME Howie Lee
Do Hits
Techno, Experimental


03.11.2018: München Harry Klein

Mesmerizing Visuals. Clattering percussion. Skittering rhythms. Found sounds and field recordings. VR. When HOWIE LEE gives a live performance, his music is barely in  words describable. 

Traditional Chinese sounds mixed with contemporary techno. HOWIE LEE is a visionary artist and a pioneer in electronic underground music in China. He started as a DJ in Beijing, co-founded the label DO HITS in 2011 and is now one of the most interesting experimental techno artist. 

He has already released EP’s which were internationally hyped, played the first BoilerRoom in China and worked with well-known artists like Charlie XCX. Inspired by the work of his colleague and wife VEEEKY he supports his shows with incredible and mesmerizing visuals. 

Fotos: © Howie Lee