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Maybe Mars
Dark Wave, Post Punk


27.03.2019: Leibzig, Noch Besser Leben
10.04.2019: Open
11.04.2019: Freiburg, Mensabar
12.04.2019: München, Import/Export
13.04.2019: Augsburg, Grandhotel Cosmopolis
14.04.2019: Open

FAZI formed in February 2010 in the ancient capital of Xi’an. Their Chinese name 法兹 (pronounced “fah-ze”) is a transliteration of their original name, the Fuzz.

The band’s music brims with abundant vitality, moves its audience from the inside, stirring anger in their calm. On stage they’re like a perpetual motion machine, relentlessly generating captivating noise. Their lyrics are layered like a palimpsest over a guitar sound like a smoldering explosion and a powerful rhythm section. Their music points directly to your heart, simply but forcefully.

Through their music, FAZI tirelessly seek their own version of „the East“.

Frontpage: ©Ynnadeel; Foto: ©Yunus Hutterer